Communication and Public Speaking Tips:

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Wisdom of Our City

You’ll hear members from our community share their wisdom and the lessons they learned while overcoming tough times, which helped them become happier and more successful. Our mission is to provide you with simple tips on how to live a happier, healthier, and successful life.

How to Live Longer & Healthier

with 97-year old Eileen Piatek (by April 2020), who still drives her car and wears high heels!

How to Overcome Loss and Grief

with Pastor Charles Reed who lost his 20-year old son.

How to Keep the Show Going On

with Teresa Kuskey Nowak, who showed her strong commitment by walking on stage as the “2020 Saint Barbara”, just 2 hours after having surgery.

How to Survive Trauma and Suicidal Thoughts

with Ken Baxter who was born with a rare disease, then as a teenager, he found out he was given contaminated medications for years.

How to Turn a Hobby into a Profession

with Pianist Gil Rosas who turned his musical talent into a lucrative profession and became a famous pianist.