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Training and Keynote Speaking

Connect, Transform, and Inspire to Action

If you’re looking for an engaging program to learn crucial presentation and storytelling techniques, or looking for a motivational speaker to educate and inspire your audience to action, then you are in the right place!

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    Workshops and Webinars

    Whether it’s an in-person workshop or an online webinar, you’ll have access to an interactive training that provides hands-on activities, group discussions, and collaborative exercises designed for your needs.

    Virtual training (webinars) can be provided via Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, or other video conferencing platforms, as available.

    Storytelling for Sales

    “Stories Sell”. Top companies use stories as an effective way to communicate. Well-crafted stories captivate people, reaching both their heads and their hearts.

    You will leave this workshop empowered with world class tools to help you:

    • Create captivating stories that entertain, teach, and inspire;
    • Identify how to better use your story to sell your service, product, or ideas;
    • Practice effective delivery methods to better connect with your audience.

    You may keep on using the knowledge you gain in this workshop to improve any speeches or presentations you may have in the future.

    Speaking for Success

    Powerful public speaking skills are the key to being a persuasive presenter, a memorable speaker, and an exceptional leader.

    You will learn impactful speaking techniques so you can:

    • Move your audiences to action through a better connection;
    • Develop more compelling presentations in half the time and with less stress;
    • Clearly communicate complex ideas to get a quick buy in.

    Speech Content, Structure, and Delivery are all covered in this essential workshop.

    Essential Techniques for Communicating Internationally

    When you communicate internationally, it’s very possible that you face a clash of different cultures and languages, which could put your business and projects at
    high risk.

    In this workshop, you will learn how to:

    • Ensure that no crucial information get “lost in translation”;
    • Get your key message through any cultural communication-gaps;
    • Avoid embarrassing situations! (Some local slang words or humor may not be appropriate in other cultures)
    Female speaker is speaking on the stage
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    Keynote Speeches

    Resilient: How to Succeed in Tough Times

    In a world of change and uncertainties, we all go through hard circumstances we can’t control. Our inner resilience is the main factor that gives us strength, and keeps us going until we reach success, in business and life.

    This Keynote presentation provides you with the key steps to find resilience and apply it to overcome any adversity, whether professional or personal. You’ll be equipped with practical tools to help you successfully transform your life.

    Hiba shares personal stories on how these key steps helped her go through a 15-year civil war, while getting an engineering degree and helping her community; and how she later applied these same steps and succeeded to get a dream job and live a richer life.

    Global Communication: Crossing the Muli-Cultural & Multi-Lingual Gaps

    How to clearly communicate with an international and diverse audience, and what embarrassing mistakes should you avoid?

    Through stories about the multi-cultural and multi-lingual clashes she’s been through, Hiba shares the lessons she’s learned the hard way!

    In this presentation, you’ll learn powerful techniques to help you better connect with your global teams or business partners, so you can achieve greater results.

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