Hiba Hamdan

Improve Your Impact, Secure Your Success!

If your speech or presentation must be powerful so you can inspire action, increase sales, or instill confidence during struggle, I’m here to help.

As an electrical engineer, I used to be the typical “geek who doesn’t know how to speak”! Now, after having won multiple speaking contests, and after having helped hundreds of coaching clients become highly successful speakers, I’m amazed how easy it can be to transform a speech or a presentation from boring to breathtaking.

There’s no magic. It’s a simple process that can create magic results.

I’m grateful to my extraordinary teachers and mentors who taught me excellent presentation skills and storytelling techniques, based on which I created specialized training and coaching programs that I customize to fit your specific needs.

You’ll benefit from my multifaceted experience, as I’ve coached a variety of presenters, from professional members of the National Speakers Association NSA, to shy novice speakers from Toastmasters International.

Also, you’ll find my 20-year experience in managing and training international teams very useful, as I show you better ways to communicate and connect with any diverse audience you may have.

My corporate customers called me “Miss Make It Happen” because of the high quality results I helped them achieve in a short time.

By working with me, I’ll “make it happen” for you, to be the Star Speaker who delivers influential and memorable presentations.

To your greater success!

Hiba Hamdan

Hiba Hamdan with NSA Speaking Academy Graduates 2015

Fun facts about Hiba


First Female Engineer

Hiba is the very first female engineer who ever worked in the field at the Lebanese Airport, repairing computers and travel equipment. She was featured in the ‘Al Hasnaa’ magazine in Beirut, Lebanon.


Motorcycle Driver!

Hiba is the first female in Lebanon to own and drive a motorcycle to the highest mountains in Mount Lebanon.

Nurse and Assistant Surgeon

During the civil war in Lebanon (1975-1990), Hiba volunteered with the Red Cross and field hospitals, and taught herself to become a Scrub Nurse and Assistant Surgeon.


From Lebanon to Canada

As a young engineer, Hiba moved from Lebanon to Canada in her twenties, with only $300 in her pocket. In 3 months, she landed a great job that allowed her to travel the world. Within 5 years, she purchased her first property, a 1-bedroom condominium in downtown Montreal.

Hiba Hamdan on the left
Hiba Hamdan at Division Contest 2014-04-18

Employed by big companies

She was employed by 3 of the largest Telecommunications companies in the world:  British Telecom, France Telecom (Equant), and SITA (“Société Internationale de Télécommunications Aéronautiques”).

President Award of Excellence

Hiba won the British Telecom President Award of Excellence for creating the “APM in a Box” project management tool while: “Delivering to very aggressive time scales a solution that will help all project managers in BT Global Services do their work in a consistent way, to deliver what’s required right first time, every time”.


Trainer in all over the world

As part of her corporate career, Hiba provided training to international teams and customers located in France, England, Switzerland, Ireland, Greece, Japan, Singapore, Philippines, Canada, and the US.


Co-author of the Amazon #1 Bestselling Book

She is the Amazon #1 Bestselling Co-author of the “World Class Speaking in Action” book.

World Class Speaking in Action Book cover

TV Host and Producer

Hiba is the Host and Producer of the TV Show, “Wisdom of our City”, which airs on TV Santa Barbara Channels (TVSB).

Hiba Hamdan videoshooting

Co-founder of First PMI Book Club

Hiba co-founded and managed the very first official Project Management Book Club for the Project Management Institute (PMI).


Distinguished Area Governor

A member of Toastmasters International, Hiba received the “Distinguished Toastmaster” and “Distinguished Area Governor” awards for helping five critical clubs become distinguished: Boeing Aerospace, Raytheon, The Aerospace Company, Northrop Grumman, and DaVita.


English is Hiba’s third language, after French and Arabic. She also speaks Spanish.
Hiba Hamdan at Division International Speech Contest 2014-05-10